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The Friends of Yukon Permanent Art Collection (FOYPAC) is a registered charitable organization which was formed in 1979 to act as a support group to the Territorial Art Gallery. Since the gallery closed in 1992, the organization has focused on fundraising, advocacy, and the acquisition of new works for the Yukon Permanent Art Collection.

FOYPAC is composed of volunteers living across the territory who share a deep appreciation for the Yukon visual arts community. We strive to support artists and increase visibility of their work through the growth of the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. Working closely with the Government of Yukon, the organization provides direction, management and arm’s length adjudication for this significant collection.

FOYPAC is committed to the continuing development of the arts in the Yukon. We are always looking for artwork by emerging and established artists and encourage artists to apply for their work to be considered for the collection via the annual Call for Submissions process.

For additional information about the organization or to become a member, please call (867) 667-5858.

2022-2023 Board Members 

Geneviève Gagnon   President
Heather Bell Callaghan   Vice President
Mary Bradshaw   Secretary
Kim Tanner   Treasurer
Courtney Holmes   Director
Cari Tangedal   Director
Catherine Constable  Director