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Karrie Brown | Moose Hide Mukluks

Home tanned moose hide, canvas, lynx fur, beads, trim, nylon thread / Peau d’orignal tannée maison, toile, fourrure de lynx, perles, bordure, fil de nylon

“…[L]earning from my Grandma Audrey, watching her bead and make these beautiful things and knowing that her teaching came from her mother, all that is something that is special that is passed down. Now, the mukluks that I made are considered a piece of artwork. Whereas, when it was my great grandmother sewing, it was more essential and they needed these products on the land and [to] survive.” – Karrie Brown

« Apprendre de ma grand-mère Audrey, la regarder perler et confectionner des objets magnifiques tout en sachant que son savoir vient de sa mère, c’est un héritage unique que je pourrai transmettre. Aujourd’hui, mes mukluks sont considérées comme des œuvres d’art, tandis que ceux de mon arrière-grand-mère étaient essentiels pour survivre. »
– Karrie Brown

Videography: Douglas Joe, Creative Crow Media
Photography: Erik Pinkerton and Government of Yukon
Video Editing: Alexandra Knowles
Music: Sauna Music